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Calculating sports odds at online betting sites in india: Instinct and sentiment


How are the odds calculated at online betting sites in india like Fun88?

Have you ever wondered what is the probability of your team winning the tournament? The odds, those numerical values that appear on the lines, fun88 com are the ones that will allow you to make the calculation.


And, as there is no better way to understand than by using specific examples, we will move on to it. Sites like Fun88 offers many benefits and the possibility of playing with the best odds when betting on your favorite sports.

Probability: divide 100 by the odds when betting at Fun88

It is very important to choose a safe and reliable bookmaker like Fun88, which are the ones that usually have the best odds.

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Let's assume that one team pays @1.75. To calculate the probability, we divide 100 by the odds, that gives us as a result that the best player's team has a 57.14% chance of winning (100 / 1.75 = 57.14).

Let's go with another example, now with a funn88 specific case. Imagine you are an Everton fan, and you want to bet that they will be champions of the Premier League. Let's imagine that their odds are @16.00, so, if you bet 1 dollar, and they are champion, you will win 16 dollars.

Now if you bet 100 dollars, you will win 1600 dollars, and so on. Anyway, you should not worry too much about this equation, because in the pages that we recommend, once you fill in the box with your amount, automatically comes out the amount to win.

Analyzing matches at Fun88

Let's go with Manchester United vs Leicester City. As we can see, there are three possible outcomes: Manchester win, draw or Leicester win.

If you bet 100 dollars on Manchester's victory, multiply 100 x 1.45 and we get 145 (you get back the 100 bets and add 45). You should do the same for each event you are interested in, always multiplying the amount by the chosen odds.

What else to bet at Fun88

People at traditional online betting sites in india often bet on the outcome of a match, whether the home team wins, the away team wins or it is a draw.

But there is a world of possibilities to choose from, among them, the number of goals that will be scored in the real cash games in India, also known as Over (more) and Under (less).

Sometimes it happens that you are not sure how the game will turn out, but you are confident that there will be many or few goals, so you should look at the "Over" and "Under" option. Let's go with the example.

Imagine that you think that in Manchester vs Leicester there will be 2 or more goals. Then you bet the +1.5 goals (1.30), which indicates that there will be at least two goals.

The same, but in reverse for when you think there will be fewer goals, if you think there will be just one goal, then the odds you are interested in is -1.5, which as we see, pays @3.30.

How much to bet at online betting sites in india like Fun88?

Special care here, our experience in soccer predictions at Fun88 leads us to recommend you never to bet more than 5% of your bankroll. It is common to get excited about the hypothetical amount to be won before it happens and therefore, to put a large sum.

Your objective is not only to win that bet, but also to win the following ones, and for that it is very important to take care of your bankroll.

Have you already planned your strategy before playing at Fun88?

In general, bad experiences are the result of the little knowledge with which one enters this field when betting at Fun88.

How to calculate sports odds at Fun88 and any other casinos?

One of the key differences between a sharp gambler, an educated professional bettor, and a beginner, someone who is only an educated professional bettor, understands how to calculate the sports odds for online betting sites in india like Fun88.

The key to higher profits is understanding the value on the line and knowing when to bet and when to stop when getting into online betting sites in india.

Calculating Sports Odds at Fun88: Instinct and Sentiment

Sports online betting sites in india today like Fun88 is like being a general manager in sports: the way things have been done for many years (and still now) is instinct and feel. It would be great if there were a simple way to explain this, but really, this aspect of getting into sports online betting sites in india involves practice.

Many clever bettors can look at online betting sites in india line and determine which way the line will move. For example: if a team opened as -2.5 favorites, should you bet it right away because the line will go up (to -3 or -3.5)? Or should you wait because your opponent will get more money and you can get a better price later in the week?

It's a tough question to answer, but the better you understand the sport, the teams, the momentum, and the sharps and squares online betting sites in india patterns, the more you will understand where the line will go.

Calculating sports odds at Fun88: Creating complex models

Sports online betting sites in india are going the same way as sports front offices: instincts and feel are still a factor, but analytics and new data are coming into  betting or playing real money games.

One way to determine value is to simply have an idea of what's going on, but the other way is to be a math whiz. There are those who sit at home with Excel spreadsheets and already have formulas created or manually project their lines to compare with what's in the market. That way, they can quickly assess whether there is value in online cash games or not.

For example: some bettors will have formulas that point out that their projected line is significantly outside of what the oddsmakers have published, which means it is a game they will want to bet. This could be for futures, sides or even totals for a specific game. Below is an example of a basic one that some people use for totals:

(Home Team Average Points Scored + League Average Points Scored) / 2 = A.

As you can see, this is just a basic formula where you will enter the numbers and compare them to what is out there. This is a basic model, but many professional bettors use analytics these days and create complex models that instantly pinpoint where the value is.

Correlations when betting at online betting sites in india like Fun88

One way, professional bettors look to get some value is by monitoring totals and how they are tied to the spread or money line. That can sometimes reveal some value. For example, if you see a big spread on a game, but you like the under. Let's go with an example that the Team 2 is a big favorite, say -10.5, but we know going into the game, one of the players is nursing a shoulder.

If you like the under in this spot, it also means that the opponent is more likely to cover the big point spread in a low-scoring game. In this case, there could be value based on that correlation (assuming you are right).

Correlating bets in Parlays has become a forbidden practice by many bookmakers nowadays, to the point that if you try to correlate 2 selections in most cases the system will not accept your bet.

Comparing prices at the best price: Fun88

There are several things you can do to find the best price for a sports online betting sites in india line. Starting with the easiest approach, you'll want to have multiple sports online betting sites in india accounts so you can compare prices.

One of the Asian online betting sites in india that offers many affordable prices, great money games, benefits and advantages is Fun88. Moreover, Fun88 has an excellent reputation and great reviews on the web, that’s why we recommend Fun88 if you want to start gambling, no matter if you are an expert or beginner at placing bets.

So, if you are into betting and online money earning games, visit Fun88. You can start betting at Fun88 on any device: tablet, desktop, mobile phone. Moreover, you can download Fun88 App any time you want, one of the most amazing betting apps you can use!

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