Fun88, The world cup of 1938 was the third world cup in History

Who received the World Cup in 1938? The 1/3 version of the World Cup noticed 15 groups participating. The 1/3 version of the world cup 2022 changed into held withinside the 12 months 1938. This changed into the closing version of the world cup 2022 earlier than fun 88 World War II which disrupted the continuity of the competition. The subsequent version was held after 12 years in 1950.

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Who has been the host of the 1938 World Cup? France have been decided on because of the 1938 World Cup. 37 groups entered the qualification spherical out of which 14 groups made it to the very last competition. Reigning champions Italy had routinely Fun88 India certified for this version of the event at the same time as hosts France too have been assured a berth withinside the major competition. Before the primary event kicked off, Austria withdrew from the world cup 2022 which intended handiest 15 groups competed withinside the very last spherical. South American fun 88 login nations Uruguay and Argentina boycotted the World Cup as a mark of protest in opposition to the choice to preserve a 2nd consecutive World Cup in Europe. Spain, on the alternative hand, did now no longer input the qualification spherical because of the Spanish Civil War.

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Who received the 1938 World Cup?

Italy received their 2nd consecutive identity beating Hungary 4-2 online cricket betting withinside the very last.


Which groups participated withinside the qualifying spherical?

Other than protecting champions Uruguay, the British international locations too did now no longer take part as they have been on a self-imposed exile from FIFA. The groups who took element withinside the qualifying spherical have been - Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Irish Free State, Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, Egypt, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Mandatory Palestine, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dutch Guiana, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Dutch East Indies, Japan.


The groups who finally certified have been - Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dutch East Indies, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

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What changed into the layout of the 1938 World Cup?

Fun88 The knockout layout from the closing World Cup changed into maintained withinside the 1938 version. If a fit changed into tied after 90 mins, then thirty mins of more time changed into play. If the rating changed into nonetheless tied after more time, the fit changed into replayed the subsequent day. Sweden obtained a bye into the quarter-finals considering that they have been pitted in opposition to Austria, who withdrew, withinside the Round of 16. The 22-guy 1938 World Cup-triumphing Italy squad

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